Cindy’s Sundaes

Cindy’s Sundaes 2.83

You will enjoy this fun challenge serving Sundaes to different customers
2.83 (See all)

A delicious challenge and game where the main goal is to serve different kinds of ice creams to your customers and fullfill their needs. Your costumers will ask you for a certain type of ice cream and you must swap scoops to form groups of three or more identical flavors vertically and diagonally and serve them to your costumers. Search for the type of ice cream that your costumer is asking for to reach their happiness and complete each level of this game. Each level will increase the challenge and will reduce your time to fill your costumers needs. In this game you can select different difficulty challenges like casual or expert. Try to get bonus score points by filling the topping bonus bar with stars. To fill those stars you must get the flavor of your costumers order. You can also get bonus collecting cherries. When the gauge fills up you will know that your costumer is satisfied. In the screen you will find a cash box where you can check how much money you need to clear each level. Serve your customers fast to satisfy them or they will leave and the game will be over.

Birgilio Rivera
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